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L'appropriation selon Ben Spider
À l’occasion de la sortie de son livre d’artiste chez nox, Ben Spider revient sur son parcours, ses principales séries et nous éclaire sur sa pratique singulière d’une nouvelle forme de sérigraphie.
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Livre d'artiste
Ben Spider (auteur)
Version française
16x24 cm
184 pages couleur
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The pioneers of Pointillism were looking for a way to trick the eye, make it see more colour, perceive a fuller range of tones than just the sum of its parts. Although Pointillism flourished in the 1880s, contemporary artists often use dots in their practice: Damien Hirst, metaphorically, Yayoi Kusama, therapeutically, and Ben Spider as a starting point for his research.
Ben Spider's work, closeup of billboards, offers the viewer many times seen, but not recognizable images. His work is on the border of the real and the imaginary, abstract and figurative.
@betweenwindows gallery, Moscow, 2020. By Dasha Sabelnikova, Curator

Artist page on decideART, London, 2019. By Anna Efstathiou, Founding Director
Ben Spider works are digitally drawn, after macro photography of advertising billboards. He uses a macro lens and a computer to create an image that can be enlarged infinitely, without pixelation, and large scale printed. Unbounded halftone is the basis of an experimental work around consumer products such as food, travel, movies etc.. Through the pattern, he explores the links between photography and painting, real and imaginary, abstract and figurative art. He wants the viewer to wonder what this is. Is it painting ? Is it something real ? A copy, an interpretation ? Is it something tiny or gigantic ? The artist wants them to be thinking through his work, to discover new horizons from something familiar but not yet understandable.
Ben’s pictures can be described as neo pointillism. His work is inspired by conceptual photography, new realism and urban art.

Ben Spider
Catalogue, 2018,
21x29.7cm, 48 p.

Ben Spider
Fetish, the collection, 2017,
8.25x10.75", 32 p.

Ben Spider
Ben Spider Pamphlet 2017,
8x8", 4 p.


Corps, rituels et icônes d'aujourd'hui
/ Body: rituals and icons, now /
Exhibition Catalog, J&J Donguy, M. Journiac, may 1993

Espace libre
Exhibition Catalog, Saint Charles - Sorbonne Paris 1 University, E. Fuksa, 1994